Perfect Bachelorette Party Gifts

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The Bachelorette Party Stages

Along with all of the other great perks of being the maid of honor comes the highly coveted responsibility of hosting the bachelorette party. It’s the perfect excuse to wear your little black dress, purchase an adorable bridal tiara, and eat way too many pieces of cake. And contrary to popular belief, there are ways to honor the bride without depleting your bank account. Here are a few ways to throw a high-class party without the extravagant price tag.

The Planning Stage

Don’t buy an expensive party planning organizer. Purchase a notebook or journal for a few dollars and make yourself a few lists that include a budget sheet, a guest list, a food and beverage list, and a list of locations to choose from. Then start price matching. There are plenty of great websites that provide first-rate party planning needs for way less than a corporate chain. Celebrating the bride is more about the memories and the company than how much it costs to throw the party.


Narrow down your top location choices by creating a list of local or destination get-aways. If you want to keep the party local, you can cut a lot of the costs by asking a close friend to use their house for the evening. You will definitely want to avoid having the party at the bride’s house, because she might end up feeling obligated to do all of the serving and cleaning. If your budget includes a destination location, you can cut costs by splitting the rental of the cabin, condo, or hotel room with the other bridesmaids. You could even research a Groupon for the best deal on a place to stay. Make sure you don’t schedule your stay over a holiday weekend. Otherwise, you can count on an expensive rental fee.

Themes and Things to Do

Pick a bachelorette party theme that matches the bride’s personality. Would she love a relaxing beauty day, a shabby-chic evening with friends, or an adventurous weekend getaway? After you decide what type of party you are hosting, pick a few party games and quizzes that fit your theme. A few of the games may take more preparation than others, and you may need to contact the groom to get a few of the answers to the quiz questions. Either way, the bride will appreciate the time you put into the planning, and your wallet will appreciate the extra cash.


You may want to budget for a few prizes and party favors for the guests. You can give a gift to each winner of the game, or you can keep track of who won the most games and give one gift. Either way, the gifts don’t need to be expensive. Pick up a few lotions and nail polishes at a local beauty shop or find a few make-up bags online. As far as the gift for the bride is concerned, you can ask one of the other guests to split cost. This way you can both give her a worthwhile gift without overspending.

Packing Stage

The packing stage is easily forgotten in the craziness of planning a party or weekend trip. It’s typically the last thing you think about, right before you throw the supplies in the car and head to the party. But if you feel overwhelmed by planning the bachelorette party, imagine how stressed the bride must feel while planning her wedding. Make a note in your planning journal to set aside time to pack your own belongings as well as help the bride pack hers. Even if you the party lasts a few hours at a local location, remember that you may need to bring a change of clothes, extra shoes, and a notebook to keep track of who gave each gift.

As you leave the house for a glamorous evening to celebrate the bride-to-be, make sure you double check your lists and that everything you need is in the car. Also, in your hurry to throw an amazing party, don’t forget to take necessary safety precautions. Bring mace or pepper spray if you’re headed downtown, let a family member know where you are going, and secure your home before you walk out of your front door. Also, remind the bride to do the same. These little details can make or break your party. But most importantly, don’t forget to have a blast at your perfect, affordable bachelorette party!

Author: Aimee Lyons