When we talk about weddings, everyone is expecting everything to be grand. As such, most brides go after big bridal boutiques which they feel would have wider selections that they can choose from. But this trend took a complete U-turn nowadays. More and more brides are now choosing small bridal boutiques because of convenience, personal customer service, and customized designs.

Convenience. Wedding preps can be stressful for most women. There is often a decision to make, or challenge to resolve, at every turn of that journey to the altar. This is why it is important to make wise decisions during wedding planning. Most brides nowadays choose small bridal boutiques because most of them are close to residential areas, offering clients convenience and accessibility for quick shopping trips, including emergency alterations.

Personal Customer Service. Unlike big retail stores, small bridal boutiques know their clients and tend to develop a rapport with them over time. And because it is a small business, it is not unusual for the boss to be on site and for regular customers to get to know the person in charge. This feeling of a connection to the store gives a feeling of personalized customer service that further leads to client patronizing and repeating business. For brides, this can be a life-changing experience. Small bridal boutiques can fulfill your needs by taking special orders and bringing in unique products in case you are looking for something specific.

Customized Designs. Every bride wants to look as unique as possible on her wedding day. One advantage of choosing a small shop is that they are more often than not creative to outdo their competition. Unlike a large chain, where decisions about what products to stock are made through a lengthy and bureaucratic process, small bridal boutique staff hears directly from their clients about what they want and gets it in stock. Brides can order custom-made designs based on various sources of inspiration, or alternatively choose a gown from the bridal collection. Brides can customize their gown in so many way, such as the length of train, the hem-line, the closure, neckline and color to name just a few!

Indeed, small is the new grand. Check out small bridal boutiques in your area and experience the difference.

Author: The Bride